In 2007, the pioneering, ambitious, exciting, and unprecedented Coca-Cola Studio project proposed bringing together 2 different singers to record the songs of others. The productions would be shown on TV and be available for free downloading and for many other forms of delivery. Say what? Bring together singers from different labels and record songs of others with ties to other recording companies?

That was where Kappa was born, initially aiming to handle this project. Two companies with very similar profiles merged. The two managed Brazilian singers, held corporate events and, on occasion, promoted international concerts. Jota Quest, Strike, and Leandro Sapucahy had already worked with Chantilly. For Quizumba, Los Hermanos, Monobloco, Pedro Luís, and Leoni, among others.

From the first job done together they developed the Musical Intelligence concept, essential for all projects Kappamakki carries out today. This means seeing music as a potentiating tool for brand campaigns and projects, not merely as a track.

Kappamakki is the successful union of entrepreneurs Simon Fuller, from Quizumba, and Ricardo Chantilly and Álvaro Gazé, from Chantilly.

  • Álvaro gazé

    Ever since forever he has worked with entertainment and in long-term projects, moving around in the universes of Music, Surf, Cinema, and even Carnival. He can be considered an expert in POP culture and artistic relationships. The manager of Coca-Cola FM, an online radio station that has been on the air for 2 years, and a music project consultant for Coca-Cola since 2007, Gazé has been involved as a consultant, manager or producer in jobs as interesting and disparate as the Los Hermanos Tour, Claro Demo Hits, Coca-Cola Studio, in Nova Schin Brewery's box at the "Sambadrome," in Vivo On Jota Quest, and in more than 20 international tours. Alongside Ricardo Chantilly, he hosted and produced a Surf program on the mythical Fluminense FM radio station for 4 years. Gazé enjoys long-distance running, cinema, street art, videogames, is a Flamengo fan, and believes mimicry is a gift.

  • ricardo chantilly

    One of the most respected businessmen on the Brazilian music market, Chantilly managed the Jota Quest band from 1998 to 2005, and currently manages the O Rappa band. He was the founder and is the current president of ABEART (Brazilian Association of Art Executives), where he worked on changing the ordinance for hiring musicians at the Ministry of Labor and on changing the ticket for half-price law at the House and at the Senate. Chantilly organized many international concerts in Brazil: Cake, Macy Gray, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Midnight Oil, Men At Work, Hoodoo Gurus, and Spy Vs. Spy, and was the artistic director for TV Record's Summer Festival and for the Banco do Brasil Circuit. He has been working as a music consultant for various brands for more than 10 years, and was recently involved in Fiat's "Come to the Street" campaign.


    A British national living in Brazil for over 30 years, Fuller worked at EMI Music Brasil in the domestic and international marketing areas and at the headquarters, in London, as a marketing manager for Latin America and Asia. He served as the international marketing director for Warner Music Brazil before leaving the label to put together the Quizumba Kappamakki producer and produce international events and concerts in Brazil, having worked with singers of the likes of Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Metallica, Paul McCartney, and Iron Maiden, among others. He has managed Los Hermanos since 2001. In 2012, the tour celebrating the band's 15th anniversary gathered more than 250,000 people in but 24 concerts held in 11 cities in a month's time.